R, R, & R day

Waste day was not difficult in the slightest.  I took a couple initiatives to ensure minimization of possible waste.  Like usual, I composted any leftovers at dining halls, and even persuaded a couple skeptical friends to do the same.  I also avoided eating at Slayter, a notorious source of obsolescent food packaging. I wrapped one of our dorm trash cans in blue tape to signify its specific function as plastic recycling, so my roommate can easily recognize the difference.  The trash sort definitely helped me in being more conscious of waste.  Most items we dispose of were unnecessary purchases in the first place. Taking the above actions minimized daily trash disposal to zero.

My goals throughout the week have generally been met.  Being more conscious of water use is not difficult, and the cold showers come slightly easier when you shampoo before the momentary frostbite.  Energy certainly remains the most difficult.  With work piling up, it is extremely hard to commit to shutting the laptop off every time it isn’t in use, and even with the energy saving settings turned on it still hogs energy and requires a couple charges.  The app I downloaded is on a 24 hour blacklisting spree, increasing time management on the web.  I hope jacking in headphones for some study tunes counts as an exception. Small changes to the daily schedule such as remembering to turn off lights, unplug power strips, and sabotaging daytime library lights is second nature. Hopefully I’ll find a solution to the computer problem as the week progresses.


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