Feeling pretty good

Today, I do not think I have turned on the lights once.  Though it is a dark day, I luckily have large windows that I frequently take advantage of.  I also have reduced my energy use by turning off the power strip that my phone charger and computer charger are plugged into during the day and shutting down my computer (which is not as bad as I thought it would be, as I used to keep it on and plugged in all day).  Since the majority of my work and distractions are on my computer, I have to keep it charging throughout most of the evening.  But I feel pretty good about my improvements since that is the only thing that I have plugged in, when I used to have about 4 items plugged in continually.  In the evenings, we use LED lighting in the room from a lamp, so we have as little use as we can for the necessary light.  So, for now, energy has not been too much of a struggle.

Water has not been a struggle, I took a 5 minute shower yesterday, probably only having the water on for 1-2 minutes of it.  Otherwise, I do not use much water in my day-to-day life, only to wash dishes and brush my teeth, but even at that, I do not have the water on for very long.  I don’t do laundry very often, but I am sure there are many externalized water consumptions costs to my life that I do not know of.

Today, I actually have not thrown anything away and do not see the need to for the rest of the day, so today is a good day for waste.  However, waste is something that I struggle with because so many items that I have and use come in packaging that cant be recycled.  I certainly recycle just about everything that I use that can be recycled, yet there are many things that I cannot avoid. It is hard to make the efforts to only buy things in bulk packaging, less packaging or none at all.  I try to re-use things as much as possible, though.  The trash did not help me too much because I am already quite conscious about what can be recycled, thrown away, or composted.  I just need to try to find items that do not use individual packaging and I would have a lot less trash.



  1. I have the same problem using products that come in non-recyclable packaging. When we visited Rumke, I was surprised when they said they only recycle the most popular item being recycled which is currently water bottles. I always assumed that if a product is recyclable it is going to be recycled. It made me a lot more conscience of what kind of packages I am putting in the waste stream as well as what is labeled as recyclable but may not be accepted by recycling facilities.

  2. I totally agree with you about finding more items that aren’t individually packaged? Why do all of the tasty foods have to be wrapped so much? I really liked your room’s idea to switch to LED lighting in the evenings. That seems like the definite way to go. I might encourage my roommates to take on the same sort of initiative. Great Work!

  3. You’re lucky to have large windows and that you are able to have enough light. Usually on these dark days it is really hard for me to be able to get ready in the morning, I need to turn on the lights. I agree with you on having to have the laptop plugged in though. My battery especially is really bad and so I usually need to have it plugged in every time I’m using it as well as for the whole time I’m using it. I also really agree with you on your waste concerns. It is really hard to find bulk packaged food or snacks especially healthy ones, I struggle with that myself all the time.

  4. I totally aggre with you about your energy ideas, which seems very useful and helpful. I think you did it very well, i need to learn from you ideas. Because energy is the one most difficult parts for me, I use lots of electrical equipment, such as computer, ipad, cellphone, itouch, desk lamb, and so on. I think i need turn them off when I do not use them. Furthermore, I think do not turn on the light in the morning is also a good idea.
    I am surprised about you only took a 5 mins shower. It looks so crazy, but it really save water.

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