Sussman entry two

To help me be conscious of the waste I am producing, I am keeping all of my trash throughout the day on my person at all times and dealing with it all at the end of the night. This was inspired by what I learned needing to do that for our trash sort. I have been avoiding disposable containers and, really, anything disposable at all. My water goals have been going well but I still see no way to reduce the amount of water I have been using in a significant way. The cold showers have become much more manageable than the first one, which is inspiring to me in the way that it implies a greater capacity for living without all of the luxuries we take for granted.

Out of the three categories we have started so far, I would say that energy is definitely the most difficult for me; the reason being that it is so inevitable in our college environment.  Only using cold water helps to eliminate the energy being used to heat that water, which is a small step towards reducing my energy impact. I have been turning off and unplugging all devices that are not in current use and I have been going without light whenever it is not essential, only using one light at a time rather than using all of the desk lamps and Christmas lights that we normally use in my room. The biggest issue for my energy use is that I use my computer for hours and hours every single day, and I cannot sacrifice that without compromising the effort I put into my studies. Because I cannot completely stop using it, I have compromised by going through all of the advanced power options to make them more efficient and always turning my computer completely off while not in use.


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  1. I love that idea of carrying around your trash throughout the day. Especially since it forces you to create less! It sounds very effective. Those plastic containers would be such a pain to carry around all day. I hate having a heavy backpack so I could definitely see myself using that idea.

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