To Waste Or Not To Waste?

The goals that have been the easiest to achieve regarding waste has been the reduction on printing reading for class since I have no printable readings for class. Also, I usually always use scrap paper or used paper to take notes or doodle, and if I have used the paper to the capacity, then it is conveniently recycled. I did not put together a no-trash travel kit, but I use only reusable drinking receptacle for my beverage today and everyday as well as tried to eat as little waste causing foods as possible(i.e. Curtis over Slayter). The hardest goal regarding waste has to be in the bathroom. Paper towels are so wasteful but they are so normalized and convenient that I ALWAYS forget to air dry when I leave the bathroom. If there is a choice between air dryers and paper towels, I almost always go for the air dryer, but today I went into literally every bathroom on campus without air dryers. Also, since I had meetings back to back, I did not have time to eat in Curtis, so my biggest fear came true in that I wasted 1 item of the day in the wrapper for my Slayter Meal-X sandwich. Ironically, today was the first day in 2 weeks that I have eaten in Slayter, so I was a little shocked that I chose to eat in Slayter the one time that I shouldn’t  Also, individually wrapped candies are so tempting, especially when you are craving a little boost of “energy”. Today it seemed to also be give Kai candy day, so I gave in too much than I needed to for a sugar craving, but normally I resist individually wrapped items.

The trash short helped me to be more conscious about my waste because I realized that I need to be particular when choosing what is considered trash and what is considered recyclable. I do not want to contaminate recycling or compost bin, so although it sucks to throw stuff out, it is sometimes a lot better to do so for the sake of recycling and composting. I enjoyed today, but it has by far been my most wasteful day in a while, so I will continue to change poor habits regarding waste.


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  1. Good point with using the paper towels- I hadn’t thought of that. I think its a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils, however, because using an air dryer still requires energy.. It might be easier to just keep the wet hands and spray your friends. Pissing them off AND sustainably drying off is always fun. As for meal-x, I agree, it is definitely a tempting trap.

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