Tuesday – Waste

So far my easiest goal to achieve has been reducing my waste.  I initially thought that the water reduction phase would be the easiest, but I was mistaken.  I have developed such a strict ritual for getting ready in the morning, that it is very hard to break habits.  For example, my shower times have not really changed since the beginning of the week.  I’m becoming more conscious that this is a problem and am not spending as much time just sitting under the hot water because I feel guilty, but I haven’t been bold enough to actually turn the water off throughout my shower.

Since I was really focused on reducing waste before this week started, I have implanted this phase much more into my daily routine.  For this to occur, I made this phase a combination with my food starting point.  I have been avoiding Slayter as much as possible to decrease my use of individual wrappers.  To do this I reuse giant disposable plastic water bottles that I collected over the past few weeks.  I keep one in my room and one in my backpack at all times, so that when I’m thirsty I can just fill it up without needing a new bottle or cup.  Also, I more frequently am packing lunches and cooking foods that come in recyclable packaging, with the examples of aluminum foil and cardboard boxes.  Since my roommate uses our recycling bins as trash cans in the room, my quad mates are letting me use their recycling bins.  The trash sort in class made me more conscious of my waste, because I realized that many of the things that I mindlessly throw in the trash are not essential to my life.


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