Tuesday- Waste

So far the easiest goal that I’ve been able to achieve is shortening my shower time. I think this is the easiest because I am most conscious of it. Each time I shower I consciously think to my self that I need to make it quick. I also think this is easier because showering, although nice, isn’t as much of a luxury as the use of energy. The hardest goal to achieve, personally, is reducing the energy I use. I normally use energy for most of my day, it gives me entertainment, allows me to do homework, and keep in contact with people from home. Cutting down on energy isn’t asking me to cut down on one part of my day, it is asking me to cut down on a lot of my day. Its hard to find another form of entertainment rather than using my computer to watch T.V. or not using the lights when its not necessary. The most challenging part of not using energy is shortening the amount of time I use my phone so I have to charge it less. Today, cutting down on trash was much easier than I thought it would be. I think that by learning about the trash sort I was able to realize what was necessary for me to use and what was not so necessary. I also realized the things I used to be throwing away should be composted. Cutting down on waste was definitely manageable and did not consume my day.



  1. I am actually suprised that reducing my shower time has been harder for me than I expected. I also agree with you on how reducing waste is very manageable and it has made me more conscious of what I dispose of.

  2. I definitely understand your frustrations about cutting down on technology use to try and reduce your energy use. It is really hard, especially with our work load and the lifestyle most of us have here at school. I find when I go home (for winter break), I can almost go entirely without t.v., phones, computers, etc. I only need the essentials. In college, this is just not possible most of the time. It seems like you are making great efforts though. I also find that using one appliance at a time helps, and its easier to remember to turn them off when you’re done too.

  3. Using so much technology wastes a lot of energy. It might be beneficial to try to use one appliance at a time. For example, maybe at night if you want to watch tv, you could turn off the lights and not use your phone. The brightness of the screen should be enough to see in your room still and you can still communicate without your phone by using fb messenger or email. You would be using a lot of battery life still on your computer, but if you can’t reduce a little from each technological device maybe try eliminating something altogether.

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