The easiest is definitely transportation given I do not have a car and walk everywhere I go. Water has also not been very difficult for me. I have realized that colder showers are really not as bad as I suspected. It actually forces me to take shorter showers which decreases my water usage. This has made me realize how much I take my hot showers for granted. While cleaning my water bottles today I did make sure to have the water off in between and same with when I brushed my teeth and washed my face except I have always done this.

The hardest has been food and energy. It is very difficult especially at school to eat local/organic food because neither Curtis or Slayter offer any. At home it is much easier! The energy is also difficult due to the lack of control of the heating system we have. Also, I use my laptop a lot but that can not change because of school work. I have been turning it off whenever I am not using it though instead of just sleep mode. I have been unplugging and using as little light as possible.

Since the trash sort, I have become more aware of how much trash I produce in a day. I have always composted everything I can in Curtis so that has not changed. When I went to the dumpster, I realized their is so much thrown into it that could have been recycled. So many people are unaware of what they can recycle or just get lazy.


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  1. Good point remembering that eating at dining halls still has a major environmental impact. While less impacting than eating out or from Slayer due to the lack of plastic packaging, much of the food we eating still comes from America’s large industrial food industry. Obviously we dont have many other options with peoples busy schedules, just important to remind ourselves.

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