Personally speaking, I think the easiest goal is transportation, because I don’t have a car, and I don’t drive. I walk in campus, and I usually take the shuttle to go to Easton or Wal-mart. I also suggest people walk in campus or some nearby places. For example, I know many people drive to Granville market. However, it only takes 20 minutes to walk, and I think it not so far away campus. Therefore, people can walk to shop instead of driving.

I think the hardest goals are food and energy. Because I don’t like Western food, I can not find food that I really want to eat in the dining hall. So I just take foods i dislike , but I probably don’t eat them, and most of them will be wasted in sometimes. I think the best way to solve foods’ problems is cook by myself, or eat in Chinese restaurant rather than the dining hall. Furthermore, I think I can eat less or only eat vegetable and fruits in dinner, which probably also can lose weight.

The energy is not very easy for me, because of electric. Every day I will use computer, ipad, itouch, cellphone, light, temple lamp, and so no. I am very struggle with how to save energy. I think probably I need use less electrical equipment, and turn them off when I don’t use.

The trash sort is very useful and helps me a lot. When I throw trash in each time, I will think about it, such as what kinds of trashes are, where I should throw it, or the trash whether or not can recycle. Then, I will do a decision what I should do. Furthermore, I also told and taught  my roommate and friends about the trash sort. For example, in dining hall, I will tell them the tissue can recycle, or I will help my roommate to sort her personal trashes in dorm. I think they also will be more conscious of waste.



  1. I agree here about the food. Denison offers a very limited array of food options. Part of this impact week is trying to limit the waste we eat, but I feel like sometimes I will generate more waste because I like to go to slaytor a lot and buy packaged foods. I do agree with you that Denison makes you think about what food your throwing away, but I feel like it is confusing on what to throw away in what because many of the recycling bins are labeled “wet” “waste” and “dry” I feel like these options make it confusing on what to put in where.

  2. It must be especially hard to have no impact with food when you do not like Western food. It is a tough dilemma, because to find the foods you like here, many of them must be imported. The local produce and foods here probably won’t be what you like to eat.
    I also help my friends with their questions on recycling and composting. I have trained my roommates to think about recycling, but I still end up having to go through the trash to pick out some recyclables or sort through the recycling to take out things that they put in there with good intentions but can’t be recycled. But I have really loved how my roommates think about recycling now, and will come to me if they are unsure about certain items.

  3. I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble finding food you like around here. I wish there was some kind of meal plan option for people who like cooking for themselves, where you could pay up at the end of the year, just like with a meal plan, but use your swipes for fresh produce sold in Slayter, or something. Or they could make a deal with Granville Market! Seems like the kind of thing Denison would be slow to adapt, though.

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