Why the Waste?

Today was an abnormally wasteless day for me, so I won’t consider this day a success. I spent the whole day in my bed feeling sick to my stomach, so I didn’t get out there and use things. I’ll know better about my waste (hopefully) tomorrow! I expect it to be difficult for me, however. As much as I want to say that I won’t use any individually wrapped food, I know that with my crazy schedule being what it is, I might slip up and grab a granola bar on the go. If I were more prepared, this might be a different story.

As for Water and Energy, it’s been easier than I thought it would be! My roommate and I have both been trying to conserve as much as we can while we’re in the room. We watch less TV, only turn on a lamp or two for light instead of the ginormous room lights, and I’ve been shutting off the whole power strip instead of just turning off a lamp light or letting my computer go to sleep. Water wise, I’ve tried shutting off the shower while washing, and I’ve continued to wash my hands and teeth at lightning speed! Kinda.

I feel really good about this week so far! I’m thinking of ways I can continue to keep up some of the No Impact things even after the week is over. I think the lower energy usage is simple and can easily be continued. I also want to make sure I buy washable cutlery and bowls so I can reduce waste that way (I have been using disposable items up until this week–I know, I know…shame on me!). This is possible!


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  1. I hope you feel better, and it seems like you’re doing a nice job anyways about reducing your energy usage. I like that you’re using smaller, less wasteful lights, as compared to the large overhead lights, and that you got your roommate on board! Keep up the good work!

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