Day 3- Water, Energy, Waste

The last two days were not terribly bad. Water consumption is challenging me as much as I thought it would, but so far it hadn’t been so difficult that I want to quit. I’ve kept my shower times down and started making more conscious efforts to unplug things (along with turning off the lights). I put up sticky notes to help remind me. So far, this has really helped!

Today was interesting though. I never realized how much trash I generate some days. We have a compost bin in our apartment, and we recycle like crazy, so our trash bin usually takes a while to fill up. However, I rarely have time to go back to the room during the day and I find myself buying a lot of food– and coffee, if I forget my travel mug in the morning– from Slayter. My goal was to generate zero waste for the day, which seemed simple at first. Once I began trying to find something for lunch that wouldn’t result in me discarding a wrapper or container in the trash, I had to rethink this. It is almost impossible to buy anything at Slayter in bulk, and even harder to find anything that won’t generate waste. I ended up having to make the best out of the situation and I was able to recycle the plastic container from my purchase, but I had to throw away two wrappers. It is difficult when you can only buy from places on campus. The waste sort in class helped me though, because before I was unaware of certain things that we can or can’t recycle here (the recycling here confuses me anyways…). It made me a little more confident that I know what I’m doing, which makes me more likely to follow through with my actions.


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