Energy and Waste

Reducing my personal amount of waste in my opinion has been the easiest out of all the resources. For the most part I am able to get by on the items that I already own, or that Denison provides for me. Most of the trash that I produce comes from food packaging that I buy either in the dorm, slayter, or out at a restaurant. This week by simply eating at the dining halls and refilling water bottles at fountains, I have been able to my food waste to zero. The concept and action of simply not buying anything is the best way to cut waste because much of what I buy I do not actually need, just want. Not only does the reduced purchasing help lessen my impact on the¬†environment because I’m not adding to landfills, but it saves me money.

Three days into zero impact week and energy continues to be the hardest area to reduce. I have always turned my lights off when not in my room, and I have started to use only my desk lamp at night to try and cut the number of lights turned on. I have unplugged multiple larger electronics like the tv and xbox since even though not powered on, still require a trickle of electricity. Laptop and cell phone usage has been my biggest area of fault because those two items I need to use. Perhaps not the cell phone but the laptop has been a necessity this week for school. Also I began brushing my teeth out of the shower because I thought turning off the sink while brushing used less water than the shower as brushing then jus my extended shower time.


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  1. I like how you point out the fiscal benefits of all of these changes we’re making, I truly believe that in this world the best way to insight change is by making it economically appealing

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