This week the hardest thing for me has been reducing my shower time.  I have been trying to reduce it but by the time I am done I and I check the time it is about the same.  I have reduced my shower time but only by about three minutes.  What I plan for tomorrow’s shower is having a friend tell me how much time I have been in the shower. With this I hope I can know pace myself since she will remind me every five minutes.  My friends have also been a great reminder for this week and my roommates have started to pick up on reducing waste making it the easiest.

To reduce my waste I printed an article double sided and I made the text smaller so it would use less paper. During my meal times, I made sure to get only the reasonable amounts of food that I know I would finish so I would not throw much away or I compost it.  I also have been eating foods that are not individually packaged so I can reduce waste. Sorting out the garbage taught me that one of my main waste comes from wrappers so I am staying away from them.



  1. Having your friend remind you every 5 minutes in the shower is a great idea! It’s hard to figure out how long you’ve been in the shower. What I’ve been doing is basically taking as quick a shower as I can, which usually turns out to be around my goal of a shower time, but I always feel super rushed. Great idea!

  2. Wrappers are a huge problem for me too! Almost all of my snacks I have in my room seem to be individually wrapped such as granola bars and crackers. I really don’t know if granola bars come packaged any other way but I have been trying to look for some. Sorting through my garbage really brought this to my attention too.

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