Water, Energy and Waste

So far it’s been easy sticking to my water goals. Taking shorter showers has become a norm partly because of this project and partly because I have only so much time to complete what seems like endless amounts of work. My coffee goal hasn’t been too tough either primarily because I’ve barely been spending time in my room. As for energy, I always make it a habit to turn my lights off when I leave my room or just don’t need to have them on. However, as a way to cut down even more on my energy use, I’ve moved all of my plugs (except for the fridge) to a power strip that I turn off when I leave the room. My roommate and I also invested in LED Christmas lights to hang in our room as opposed to normal ones we hung last year. Waste has been trickier for me so far. Wednesdays are especially busy days and I typically rely on some sort of packaged granola bar or individual servings of instant oatmeal in the morning as well as individually wrapped snacks throughout the day. Instead, I got up earlier than normal to go to breakfast and brought fruit with me during the day. What remained of the fruit I simply composted later in the day.

I think waste is going to be the hardest to maintain this week especially because of all the time I’m going to be spending on the go. I just need to be mindful of what I am throwing away and what changes I can make to keep unnecessary items out of the landfill. That being said, I think for me waste and food go hand in hand. I don’t eat much meat as it is but I am going to try to cut it out altogether for the remainder of No Impact Week.


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