Water, Energy,and Waste

So far No Impact Week has given me a lot to think about. Beginning yesterday, I have tried to make it a habit to turn off the bathroom light whenever I leave and keep my lights off in my room. Whenever I do walk into the bathroom, the lights are on, yet nobody is in it. I normally did not recognize this, but because of this project I have been noticing little things such as that. In my room, we usually have all the lights on even when it is broad daylight. Yesterday I tried opening my shades and realized that using sunlight works even better than having the lights on in my room. I also made sure to unplug all my electronics before I went to sleep and I switched my computer to the power saver mode. On the waste side of things, I found that it was hard to not eat individually packaged goods as almost all of my snacks in my room are individually packaged. I also realized that I use a lot of napkins in the dining hall for no reason other than just to use them.

On the water front, I have continued to take shorter showers and turning off the shower when I shave. I have also made sure to not have the water running while brushing my teeth or putting soap on my hands. The trash sort in class really opened my eyes to what I have been absentmindedly throwing away. Throughout the rest of the week, I hope to continue noticing little ways I can change my behavior in order to have less of an impact on the earth.


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