Day 5- FOOD

Throughout the week, the goals do keep getting a little harder and harder to accomplish especially because sometimes I simply follow habits and forget that I have certain goals I need to meet. Transportation however, was and is the easiest goal to achieve for me on a regular basis because I do not own a car and I rarely go off campus especially because its so hard to find someone that is willing to drive me to places whenever I need to. I do not like signing up for vans because I do not think the system is efficient. I like taking my time to go to places and having my own space, and time is very limited when you use the vans. Therefore, I am pretty much not reliant on transportation except for very rare occasions.

On the other hand, food is a much harder goal to accomplish. Even though I think its much easier for me as with other vegetarians given that we have already reduced our livestock consumption, it is still hard to avoid other type of mass produced food, especially on this campus. As I mentioned before, lack of public transportation and lack of options for grocery shopping make this goal difficult to achieve. IGA is expensive and even more for organic products. The food in Slayter is a bit different but it is still sodexo food and much of it comes individually wrapped which creates more trash. The only thing I was able to do regarding food consumption was eat what I usually eat at the cafeteria which is mostly fruit, vegetables, cereals and bread. I know it is probably all mass produced but at least I avoided creating more trash. I rarely eat at slayter.

I have still met my goals regarding energy and water consumption. I have continued to unplug my appliances and use the least amount of water. My showers are always less than 10 min and sometimes 5. I realized that most of my trash comes from packets of gum which I am addicted to, a lot of individually wrapped chocolates and cleaning supplies.


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  1. I agree with a lot of your comments. It’s definitely harder as a college student with no car (and limited funds on my part) to have access to low-impact, organic foods. What else could we do this week other than eat at the dining halls and impact as less as we can? It doesn’t feel like enough!

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