Day 5- Water, Energy, Waste, Transportation and Food

My water goals have been going well so far.  I’ve only been taking one shower a day and they have been more or less 5-6 minutes each.  They have also been colder than my usual winter showers.  I’ve been vegetarian, which has been hard at Curtis.  Once No Impact Week is over I’m going to eat meat again, but eat a lot less, not just because of the environmental impact but also because the meat at Curtis is often questionable.  I’ve been turning off the bathroom and common room lights when they arent needed, and the power in my room is all connected to a power strip (besides the fridge), which I turn off every morning for pretty much the whole day.  I was a little worried about energy, because my roommates aren’t very conscious of it at all and often leave their desk lamps on for a long period of time when they’re not in the room.  One of them actually will turn his light on in the morning and then leave it on all day until he came back.  I noticed this at the beginning of the year, and would turn it off for him because I knew he wouldn’t be back for a while.  This continued all throughout the semester and I’ve mentioned it a couple of times to him, and it got better but didn’t fully stop.  On Saturday before No Impact Week I told him he really needed to turn it off and to not forget.  He hasn’t left it on (to my knowledge) so far, so hopefully this will keep up indefinitely.

Transportation has probably been the easiest, mostly because there are really not many places to go off campus.  I may go to Easton this Saturday because a have a couple of Secret Santa’s to shop for (I’m looking for the most environmentally friendly gifts, ideas??) , but there are a bunch of us squeezing in a car so I don’t feel too bad about driving.

The waste aspect hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would.  I’ve been avoiding individually wrapped foods like bars and sweets.  I’ve been saving the chip bags and other wrappers that I do have because the Sustainability Fellows have a terracycling project going on that uses the wrappers either to make gifts, or the wrappers that are kind of silvery and metallic on the inside can be melted down to be recreated into something.  I haven’t eaten or bought anything from Slayter all week yet and have only eaten in the dining halls.


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  1. The terracycling project sounds pretty interesting- i had never heard of that before. I light of roommate problems, I encounter more of the same. My roommate is also terrible about turning off lights, but since we are never in the room it isn’t hard to turn em off when I leave.

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