My water goals to take shorter and colder showers have been going well. It does not take very long to get used to the colder water. I have also been turning off the shower to shave. It has saved so much more water than I would have suspected. Energy has gone well as I have only been using my lights when necessary, and unplugging everything I am not using. I have also been unplugging my roommates electronics and turning off my hall-mates lights when they forget to. The accumulation of all these goals have been making me realize how I could have been saving so much energy, water, and producing less trash before this week! They also encourage me and make me feel better that I am doing more to save the environment. I wish I would have realized how much I could have been saving by doing making these little changes in my daily habits.

My goals have definitely gotten easier with each passing day. Each day I get more and more encouraged to do more to save the environment. Except, food has been very difficult to eat on campus. Even though I am a vegetarian, the food in Curtis, Slayter, and Huffman are very unhealthy under Sodexo. Avoiding the food at the dinning halls lead me to eating packaged food in my room. Some of these are individually wrapped granola bars unfortunately. I have gone into town a couple times for dinner to avoid eating in the dinning halls and my snacks, but I doubt a lot of it is very local and organic.


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