I actually haven’t been using the accumulation-of-goals technique, and have just been trying to go all out, all week. But I’m finding, like a lot of other folks, that while water and electricity are all pretty simple (carpet fumes aside for Shorney-dwellers), food is a real challenge. I usually rely on my collection of Kind Bars and the packaged goods in Slayter, like smoothies, for at least a few meals a week. But this week of no waste and no packaged food, I have to eat in Curtis, and even there I have to bend rules to eat. Usually, the pizza and entree options are Curtis aren’t vegetarian, so I skip them, and either eat soup, unless it’s gross, a sandwich, unless there are no pretzel rolls, a peanut-butter raisin bread toast things, stir fry if the person cooking it knows how food works, or ants on a log. And usually some kind of side salad. It’s very monotonous. And even Curtis, there’s plenty of waste going on. The cafeteria probably goes through hundreds of pretzel rolls a week, but they come in packages of four. Four! And even my treasured raisin bread comes in plastic packages. So while I’m trying to eliminate poorly packaged food, in a world where meal plans exist and I am forever superglued to the Sodexo Empire, I have to support all this unsustainable junk.

As far as other goals; they do get easier over time! I remember to unplug my electronics when I leave the room much better now than I did earlier in the week, and showers (with my sole bottle of Dr. B’s) are pretty uniformly short now.


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  1. Yeah, I have been doing the same as you, that i have been going all out all week instead of making incremental changes. I have found this to be a good way for me to figure out what is easiest and most difficult for me because I have different habits for different days of the week depending on my schedule, so I test certain aspects of this project each day.
    As always, the dining halls are not very sensitive to vegetarians, so I feel you on that, I often depend on certain staples. I have not found it hard to eat as a vegetarian this week though, as I am trying to eat less from the dining halls and I don’t keep meaty things in my room for certain sanitary reasons. I do not eat much meat in the dining halls anyway, usually just a salami sandwich for lunches, but that’s it for me. Giving that up is not too much of a loss, so I think I can continue my vegetarian habits in the dining halls after this project.

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