The accumulation of goals throughout the week worked very well for me. I tried my best to accomplish my goals. Most of parts are very interesting, but some parts are soooooooo difficult for me, such as food!!!!!! Although some goals are very complicated and confused at first, I really enjoy this “no impact week.”

       Most goals became easier to achieve as I spend more day on them. The first one is water consumption. I think I did it very well. I reduce half time of my shower. I spent 12-13 minutes to take once shower, and I turned water off when I used shampoo and body wash. I also really did the water recycle. For example, I used water which washed fruit to wash my bowls. I also can easier achieve the energy goal. I did not turn on the light or desk lamp in the morning, and I only turned one light of my room in the evening, and did not turn on the desk lamp. Furthermore, I didn’t use ipad, and itouch those days which means I reduce the charge. I also would turn off my computer, and cellphone when I did not need to use them. Furthermore, the transportation is always very easy, because I just walk in campus.

        However, the goal of food is the hardest part for me, because I do not like Western food. It’s sooooooooo difficult !!!!!! I am very struggle with it. I tried to cook by myself, but I thought it’s not a good way for a long time, because I very busy. When I eat in the dining hall, I tried to choose food which is more Chinese food, such as rice and noodles. I tried to eat fruits, vegetables, or yogurt, and I ate less at dinner. I think this is the best for me to achieve my goal of food so far.


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