Not starving yet

I have plunged into this experience and have been trying to do all elements from the start instead of incrementally focusing on certain aspects.  It hasn’t been bad at all.  Most everything has come pretty naturally to me, but the food is the greatest struggle because I can’t get enough local or organic food while on campus.  Food has had a weird effect on me as well because meal times are meant to be social events, but since I decided to go the route of buying my own organic food to focus on the ag side of my impact with food, I have kept myself from being with my friends.  Ideally, we could make meals and eat together, but I don’t have enough cooking supplies or time to do that.  I also feel like people have been feeling awkward with me when I tell them I can’t do certain things because of my No Impact Week Project.  I think it may make them feel self-conscious about their life choices as if I am offending them in some way or denouncing their lifestyle.

I haven’t felt sick at all this week since I haven’t gone to the dining halls much (only Monday, Wednesday lunch), but I will be glad to return so that I can eat with my friends.

Yesterday was an interesting day to do the transportation section because I drove more on that day than usual.  I do not have a car on campus, but I drive a school van on Wednesdays and Sundays to take the Outdoors Club to a nearby climbing gym.  I also borrowed  a friend’s car to drive myself to various things that demanded a car yesterday, a rare occurrence for me.  It was necessary because I had to pick up wood from the Physical Plant and bring it to security so that we could have a bonfire in the evening with the club.  I also met with the manager of food services at Granville High School, but I needed to get over to the school immediately after my cello lesson, so I needed to drive for that as well.  So I used a car an abnormal amount yesterday than  I have all semester.


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