Sussman entry three

With the progression of the week I have certainly realized that we ordered our categories of improvement from easiest to most difficult. My water consumption has been going great in terms of sustainability, I dread stepping into the freezing shower to the extent that I couldn’t be any quicker about getting out. Energy has been slightly challenging as I thought it would be, but I have found that just by focusing on it all the time it basically improves itself. Waste has been the most eye opening theme so far; because I really believe that people take our waste disposal system for granted and do not even realize how much they are throwing away. Despite the fact that I care about the environment, I didn’t even realize myself how much I was wasting (as embarrassing to admit as that is), which to me indicates that I could never expect an environmentally unaware person to understand the issue. I would find it extremely entertaining if we could find a way to show the kids on this campus the amount of waste we produce in a week or so, and I also think this would be extremely beneficial for lowering our volume of waste.  Transportation is different in the way that it’s easier to avoid all together, but slightly more difficult to compromise on because of local mass transit options. As far as food goes, it is a daunting task to completely avoid non-local foods or foods with packaging, so I have compromised by eating vegan to try to negate some of my seemingly inevitable impact from food.


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