Thursday – Food

As I have accumulated goals throughout the week, I have stuck with my highest priority goals and allowed a few a slip.  As I add a new goal each day I try to incorporate it into my previous phases.  Many of the phases are interrelated which made the transition into some of them fairly easy.  For example, I noticed that food and waste go hand-in-hand.  I started my food phase on the same day as waste, because my goals for those phases were combined.  Since I started the food phase early, I was able to test out initial goals and expand on them so that I could create new goals by the time the actual food day arrived.  Waste day started by with collecting items that I used throughout the day and then sorting them when I returned to my room to make sure that I was recycling or reusing as many products as possible.  This led to making more sustainable food choices in order to reduce waste.  Since it is the end of the semester and I won’t be here next semester due to going abroad, I have discussed steps that my roommates and I can take next year to make our room more sustainable.  For example, we talked about the possibility of having a compost bin in the room next year.  Food is still difficult to fix while on campus because of my busy schedule, especially with finals quickly approaching.  Most times I just run by slayter and pick up a quick lunch in between classes.  I try to still make this process more efficient by sorting my food containers back at my room and wrapping meals in foil instead of plastic.  The easiest goal to maintain is transportation because as I walk more frequently from place to place rather than driving it quickly becomes a habit.  I need to incorporate this tactic into my other goals so that they fit more naturally into my schedule.


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  1. I really liked that you started some days early to help you prepare better. I should have done that. Also, I eat really like you getting your roomates involved. I wish I would have involved them in this week more. Great job! Good luck!

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