Thursday- Food

Surprisingly I have been able to do an excellent job with my goals. I surprised myself at how easy it has been to keep up with my goals. I think that learning about the harmful impacts of my regular day has forced me to become more conscious of how I can reduce my waste, energy, water, etc. As the week has gone on it definitely gets easier to achieve my goals. I have begun to understand what works for me in achieving them and what does not. Also, once I began the week I wanted to keep doing it so it makes it easier because I want to do it. It would be a lot harder to make no impact if the want wasn’t there. I think that that is a big part of being environmentally friendly is wanting to. You can’t force anyone to be environmentally friendly and I think getting enough people to want to be is the challenge. Reducing food waste is so hard because food is such a reliance. Our days our centered around our three meals and the things we eat normally don’t vary that much so when asked to reduce food waste it is challenging to change the amount of food or the kind of food you typically have. The thing I noticed from today the most was composting. I realized that I had been throwing away a lot previous to this day that could have been composted and recycled back into the earth.


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