Water, Energy, Waste, Transportation, and Food

Day five of No Impact Week has been by far the hardest. Thinking about what food I ate and where it came from made it hard to eat most anything. Sometimes at Curtis, they have labels that say the food is local, but when they don’t, there is no telling where the food is from and how much energy was used in the process of transporting it. I stayed away from individually wrapped things today and instead brought fruit with me to snack on. I found that this actually reduced my waste as well because I did not have to throw away any wrappers. As I have made my way through the week, I have begun to realize that certain things have gotten easier such as reducing my water and energy usage. Transportation has been the easiest thing for me because I do not have a car on campus. Whenever I want to go to CVS I have to walk so this reduces my impact. When I do go home and start driving, I will make sure to combine all of my errands together instead of going out six different times. This will hopefully reduce how much I impact the environment.

I am excited to start the product aspect of this week because I want to try and see what I can live without. Hopefully this part of the week will help me reduce what I buy and consume. I have already learned a lot this week about what I can do to have less of an impact.


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  1. I totally agree with you being more efficient with my car usage at home once on break. As being the oldest of 4 their is always an activity or errand needed to be done which uses up a lot of gas. I am going to try and walk to as many places possible as this can be easier living in the city where a lot of stuff is closer together.

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