Day 6 – Food

I’ve found that as the days go by I don’t have to keep reminding myself that I am supposed to be living with little impact. Things are becoming easier and more habitual. So far I have kept to my water consumption goals– even maintaining my reduced shower time– continued saving energy in any way possible (though I do have to keep my laptop plugged in most of the time I’m on it because my battery is so old), and created almost no waste (outside of the lunches I’ve had to eat at Slayter). Transportation is sort of hard for me because I have to drive to Johnstown for one of my jobs. I go there about 3 times a week and I cannot take mass transport there, nor can I car pool with someone. I have walked to my other jobs however, which are at the Granville Dance Academy and Mitchell (I usually walk to Mitchell anyways…). The only day I didn’t walk to the dance studio was when it was raining. Still not the best excuse, I know, but I just couldn’t make myself walk with my dance bag and laptop. I should probably invest in an umbrella if I’m going to keep this up, which I hope to do.

Starting the food phase wasn’t too dificult. I already don’t eat meat for a variety of reasons, one being that I do not like to support the inefficiencies of the meat industry. I also shopped at the farmers market until it closed, and my roommates and I participated in a CSA program so we got all of our fruits and vegetables from local farms. It is hard now that both of these programs are over for the season, but I try to buy as local as possible when I can. My only problem with this, much like my problem with waste, is that Slayter makes it virtually impossible as well. My goal through the weekend is going to be to actually make myself lunch so that if I go to academic quad I don’t have to rely on a Slayter-run for food.


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