Food: Day 5

My accumulation of goals throughout the week has worked for me relatively well considering the fact that I was busy and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to commit to all of my goals. Waste was hardest for me so far because as I stated in my blog post Tuesday, I ate at Slayter and consumed a lot of individually wrapped candies to satisfy my sweet tooth. The goals have gotten easier as I have spent more days on them, but honestly I feel that I lived less impact last week especially in regards to waste, bit my water, energy, and transportation consumption was VERY low this week. Food was the least difficult for me since I am already vegan. I decided that trying to eat local and organic was not a possibility for me this week, but I ate only in the dining hall and I ate minimal amounts and tried to reduce my waste by only eating food items that can be composted. I imagine food might be tricky for most people, but food is tricky for me everyday at Denison. Food is even more difficult for students because the majority of us are on meal plans and we struggle with cooking our on meals when we are paying for meals at Denison already. I will talk with the dining hall about incorporating more vagn and vegetarian options for all students. I have seen a drastic increase in the type of meals the dining hall is serving. The meals are more vegetarian inclusive, but not really vegan inclusive anymore. More sustainable, local, and seasonal food should be implemented in the dining halls in general. Good day, awesome week!


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