Thursday Post

As we reach the 5th day of zero impact week, the challenge of reducing my impact on the environment is beginning to get a little easier. These past two days reducing impact being from our food and transportation has been easy to  integrate into the day. Once the larger areas of consumption are dealt with and becoming almost a regular routine, adding zero food and transportation waste was a breeze. I do not have a car here at school with me and so I am normally forced to either walk anywhere I want to go or to try and hitch a ride with someone. This week I have simply decided not to go anywhere off campus, since the main reasons I ever drive off campus are wants and not necessities. This reduces my transportation impact to zero since it is simply me walking around campus. I have not and continue to not use the elevator in school buildings. Not only are stairs a good form of exercise, they do not add any carbon to the atmosphere. Food has been fairly simple as well. By eating only at the dining hall and trying to avoid any food in individual wrapping, my waste has been zero. I compost all the napkins I use and any other food scraps left over so that none of it goes to waste.

Electricity use continues to be my major vice this week, my laptop is plugged in for the second time of the day as I write this blog. It has been nice to see however that so far this week reducing impact is not altogether that hard. It is important to keep in mind as it is the theme of the project that even a little change eventually adds up.


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