End of No Impact Week-Jordan Dekel

This week was pretty insightful. It was extremely interesting how low impact my life actually is. While I am on campus, I barely every drive a car, my water usage is pretty low, I don’t buy many products thanks to the dining hall, and my food is pretty low impact as well. The one thing that this experienced show me that I really need to work on is that I really need to work harder to unplug and be more conscious of my energy usage. I know I should already but sometimes I completely forget to turn off the lights when I leave the room or to turn things off that consume energy.

Besides my energy consumption, my day to day life is pretty low impact which I was very happy to discover this week. As I became more and more conscious of my own impact, I became more and more bothered with some of my roommates impact, and their behavior towards the environment. I had to work extremely to get all of my roommates to recycle and to turn lights off. At some points I just had to realize a lost cause where there was one but on other things, like recycling, my roommates really saw where I was coming from and we now have a bunch of recycling bins throughout our rooms.

I think after this week I will continue a lot of the things I learned this week. I will continue to recycle as much as I started this week and I will continue to do my best to remember to unplug and turn things off.

I though that adding one goal each day was actually an extremely effective way of doing this no impact week. Every day really forced you to look at your impact on a daily basis. This way I was really able to see what I do day to day and I think I learned more by implementing one goal each day.


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