End of No Impact Week

We made it! I really enjoyed this week. It gave me the unique opportunity to look at my current behaviors and habits in an effort to improve and build upon them. I was surprised about how much effort needs to go into living no impact, it’s a little ironic. It only becomes difficult when we depend on the “normal” necessities of life. The most challenging goal was using my laptop instead of desktops computers(I am currently writing this post on a desktop computer…so im still trying). This one was so difficult for me because I don’t like lugging my laptop everywhere and I prefer to write papers,etc. on desktops for some reason. This thing about doing work on desktops probably stemmed from only using desktops growing up. The easiest goal was products because I use all eco-friendly/minimal impact products, so this day was easiest for me. I also let go of my disposable floss wands for this week since I dubbed them wasteful. The goals easiest for me to maintain are the 10 min showers, brushing teeth in shower, minimal water when hand washing,mild temperature showers, try to use laptop more, try to eat foods that I will finish and are compostable(I’m vegan..soo i’ll keep this up). Also, I will just continue living minimally b/c its awesome. My perspective on consumption has widened. I know see how easy it is to consume unknowingly, which also leads to buying uninformed. I like adding goals each day as well as doing a week long goal like food. It’s been great! I look forward to continuing it.



  1. I definitely agree with you about being the uninformed consumer, about unknowingly using products that are truly not necessary or are very harmful environmentally. My perspective on my own consumption has made a drastic change over this week, and I realize now what an ignorant buyer I’ve been with so many products (cosmetics, detergents, and so on). The change is that I’m no longer unaware of the impact of what I do, so my activities are slowly beginning to shift to a less harmful lifestyle.

  2. I also want to keep my food waste down, since I can’t make as many choices as I would like about where the food comes from and how it is produced, I can minimize my waste and try to make it so that I can compost all of my waste. I definitely want to try to live with less stuff, I feel like it would help unburden me and disconnect me from the endless cycle of consumerism. I want to keep up as many habits as I can.

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