End of the Week

Looking back at the week, I have realized that this project has really helped me be more conscious of how I make an impact on the environment. Little things, such as leaving the water running while brushing your teeth or using four napkins instead of one don’t seem little anymore. if everybody could change just one thing, the overall impact that we humans have on the environment would drastically change in a good way.

Of all the goals that we had this past week, I believe transportation was the easiest simply because I do not have a car on campus. Other than that, I think water was easy as well. Reducing my shower time form 20-30 minutes to 5-7 minutes has led me to have more times for other things. Taking a shower isn’t that big of a task anymore and I can easily move on to other things. The most challenging goal was food because I did not really know how to eat locally when my source of food that I rely on comes from Slayter and Curtis.

The goals that I would like to keep as I move forward are reducing my shower time, unplugging all my electronics, and turning off the lights as I leave. I also want to make more of an effort to find locally grown food and buy things that are not individually packaged. As I recorded my use of water, energy, etc., I began to realize just how unaware I was about my habits. Now that I am more aware, I will think before I grab another napkin or reach for a paper towel instead of the hand dryer. Adding one goal each day really helped me to focus on one thing at a time and get a better understanding of what I needed to do for each category. All in all, I’m really glad that we did this project and that it opened my eyes to all of the things I can do to lessen my impact on the environment.



  1. Some of the goals such as turning off your electronics and reducing your time in the shower I felt were some of the easier impacts that I am going to try and keep after this week. This reflection showed how much you seemed to notice about your daily life and how much you tried to change it for the week. No impact week has taught me a lot about how I use things and then throw them away. I agree that adding one goal each day really helped to make this week a lot easier. I feel that if I had changed everything all at once it would have been a lot harder adjustment.

  2. I started this week thinking that I was a pretty eco-friendly, low-impact person. However, participating in a true no impact week really made me think about my choices and notice ways I could improve as well. It made me think as well, and pause before I grabbed another disposable spoon or napkin that I didn’t really need. The little things were brought to my attention and I came to the realization that I could be doing a much better job of living “no impact.” Based off of this reflection as well as all the others people have posted thus far, I would recommend a “no impact” week to anyone. I think it is a really valuable experience and even if the person is already very conscious of their decisions, it is a humbling week.

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