Final Blog- Day 8

Today has been interesting. It was harder than I thought to really focus on everything for essentially the last three days. I definitely liked how we were able to phase into each new theme throughout the course of the week. If we had had to do it all at once, I won’t deny it, I probably would have gotten frustrated and quit. I think the hardest “goal” was really making an honest effort to stick to all of the themes the last few days. It is really hard when you can’t control as much of your environment as you would be able to outside of a place like Denison. I feel like I did the best that I could though, and it was an eye-opening, rewarding experience, even despite the sacrifices. I hope to be able to continue a lot of this for the remainder of my time at Denison, and potentially expand on it once I leave and have more resources available to me. For now, I plan to keep my shower time under 10 minutes, keep washing the dishes using the water most efficiently, turn off all lights and unplug things when not in use, try to make as many of my own meals as possible, and only go to Slayter once or twice a week, walk to my two jobs that are in Granville, continue my current food/eating habits (with the exception of buying lots of individually packaged foods), and really limit the amount of “stuff” I buy. No more random shopping trips. I can’t really afford that anyways.

I think that the easiest goal for me this week was the food. Since I came to Denison, I’ve given up meat completely, and I don’t buy very many pre-packaged meals. My big trouble is snack bars, because I like to have those for when I’m out and about. Other than that and yogurt for the mornings, I buy a lot of my food (fruits and veggies) from the fresh produce section. Until a few weeks ago, I also got about 90% of my food from the CSA program so it was all local and un-packaged as well. All the other categories, though not terribly hard, still challenged me in their own ways as my busy schedule and bad habits tempted me to slip here and there. I hope that I’ve started some new habits though, and plan on continuing to live as “no impact” as possible.


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