No Impact Week- Reflection

No impact week has been pretty cool.  The hardest part about it would probably be the waste part.  I feel like everywhere I go there is always something that is disposable, it’s so hard to avoid.  In most cases I choose to not to use the disposable items, like paper/styrofoam plates and plastic utensils.  It’s hard to think of the line between being sustainable and being healthy, not just in a physical sense.  Like, if I’m at a dinner event that Sodexo is catering I should probably eat, right?  But then I feel bad for using so many disposable things.  This week I actually chose to not eat dinner once because I was in the same situation.

Water continued to be the easiest to keep up with my goals.  For my showers I just took as quick a shower as I could, and most of them turned out to be more or less 5 minutes.  I’ve always been conscious of my water usage so turning off the faucet and such were basically habits I’d already formed.  It’s much easier to form a habit of turning off the faucet, which you only use when you need to, as opposed to unplugging your appliances, which is much less convenient.

One goal that I really want to keep up after this week is to consume less meat.  I’m not going to go completely vegetarian because this week was fairly hard for me.  I think a good goal is to only eat meat on two meals a week.  That will force me to eat healthier and with less of an impact.  It would be much easier if I could make my own food, because then I would know exactly what I’m eating.  However, it’s still hard to find out where all the grocery items come from and what’s OK and not OK to eat, and a lot of the grocery foods don’t have many local options.

I realized this week how much stuff I have and how cluttered my room is.  I’m going to go to Goodwill soon and donate a bunch of my stuff.  This week has been great because it has showed me how we consume everything without a thought of what impact it has.  I like that we staggered the days by theme, instead of jumping right into everything on day 1.  Focusing one day on each theme allowed me to think more thoroughly about it, if we had to do everything every day it would’ve been pretty confusing and overwhelming.


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  1. Sounds to me like you have almost come to a realization of something along the lines of less is more. When we stop consuming on such a high level, we realize just how much of our stuff we dont really need. Then of course looking at others and personal consumption level is angering. Most people here go about their daily lives never for a second consider the impact of their choices and truly seeing the big picture. Sounds like you had a great experience!

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