No Impact Week Reflection

Here on the last day of our classes no impact week I am left with many mixed emotions. Included in these are feelings of hope, anger, happiness, and fear. I am left with hope because hoping for a better world and influential change is something that must never be lost if we are to change peoples behavior. While hope itself doesn’t produce any change, the alternative is much more negative, which is where the anger comes into play. Consumption at Denison is much to high, and blatantly so! People drive to class, forget to recycle, and take long hot showers everyday. Becoming frustrated does not solve this issue, but it is almost difficult not to feel some kind of frustration at this behavior, aimed towards myself too. No impact week leaves me feeling happy and satisfied because I have proved to myself that I can lower my impact by a great margin and still lead a comfortable life. Finally, I am left with fear, fear for myself and everyone else as we go forward. Will we learn from this week and try to incorporate that which we have learned into our daily lives from here out? Am I personally strong enough and willing to continue making the sacrifices I strived to make this week? That is what I fear. But if it wasnt a challenge, if I were not apprehensive then what fun would it be?

Many of the sacrifices people made this week may be looked on as almost extreme in the eyes of other students here who do not realize the impact of their actions. People may even look down upon us. I think one of the great lessons to take away from this project is the idea of how the little things add up. If everyone falls back to their old habits and habitualizes but a little of what they did this week we will be better off. The greater world often resists change because they feel they cannot make a difference. Making small conscious changes in our routine can and will add up however. Overall I enjoyed participating in No Impact week very much and was glad I had the opportunity to do so. Perhaps it can be presented on a campus wide scale on day so that everyone at least has the opportunity to try and reduce their impact.


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