Not the ending– Chenchen

        Personal speaking, I think the most challenging goal for me is food, because I do not like eating the Western food. At first, I am very struggle with how to achieve this goal. I talked with my friends and parents, and they gave me some suggestions. Then I tried to cook by myself, but I thought it’s not a good way for a long time, because I very busy in daily life. Therefore, when I eat in the dining hall, I tried to choose food which is more Chinese food, such as rice and noodles. I tried to eat fruits, vegetables, or yogurt rather than pizza or hamburgers, and I ate less during dinner. I think this is the best for me to achieve my goal of food. Although it’s very difficult for me, I also want to keep in the future, because it can reduce the waste of food.

        I think the easiest one is water consumption, and I did it very well. At first, I think it not easy, how don’t know how to save shower time. But then I reduce half time of my shower. I spent 12-13 minutes to take once shower, and many classmates gave suggestions about I should turn water off when I used shampoo and body wash. I think it is a very good idea. I also really did the water recycle. For example, I used water which washed fruit to wash my bowls. Furthermore, I turned the facet off, and reminder other people to do it. Another goal I think is very easy one is transportation, because I am just walking in campus or some nearby places. I suggest people choose walking or riding bicycle rather than driving. It not only can do some exercise to keep healthy, but also can protect environment. Moreover, people also can choose public transportation. For example, Denison students can choose shuttle to go shopping or go to airport. Most goals became easier to achieve as I spend more day on them.

       I think most of goals I will maintain after this week except the goal of food. Firstly, I think the water consumption I will keep every day in the future. I know there are many people cannot use even drink water every day in world wide. Therefore, I think not only we need to maintain this goal, but also teach or tell our friends, family to try to do. The goals of energy, waste, transportation, product, I also will try to achieve in the future. These goals are very useful, and can really reduce the waste. However, I don’t know the goal of food, because it is very challenge for me. It really changed my perspective on consumption. If everyone can maintain these goals of consumption, it would be a huge number of avoiding the waste. I am so surprised I can achieve my goals. At first, I just thought this week was very tough and challenge for me. But right now, I think this week is very interesting, and it was a totally new and different experience for me. I enjoy this no impact week. Furthermore, I achieved my whole goal, and I am so proud of myself.

       I think it is better to add one goal each day. Because we only have goal in the beginning, we don’t know whether or not can achieve this goal, and we just try it. When we spend time to do it, it will become easier or we need to change our goals. It is better to need a process to achieving each goal.

         This week is so quickly, but it not the ending. Tomorrow is a new begining, we need to continue our impact week in the future!!!!!


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