My perspective on consumption changed drastically over the week.  I had formerly considered the issue of carbon footprint on a global scale, not per person.  No Impact Week gave me a model to reduce my impact on an individual scale and to be aware of the waste that others generated.  I definitely think it was better to add goals on a day to day basis as opposed to all at once.  Focusing on one more dimension each day allowed me to devote more consideration to goals at hand.  No Impact Week also had a depressing effect as I saw the hundreds of Denison students wh seemed to be working against my goals that I had put effort into.

Again, energy remains the hardest to reduce, especially with finals.  Energy saving initiatives on my laptop, turning off lights and power strips, and cold showers only go so far.  The fact that college student need incredible amounts energy to succeed impedes No Impact Week.  The first couple days were pretty easy in remembering to do the above, but some aspects, like turing off my laptop and dimming it, were extremely hard to be conscious of at all times.  Working under a schedule, like walking to class or talking to your friends, is such an ingrained part of our lives that it is extremely hard to break habits.  The easiest was transportation, but that was a giveaway since I do not have a car on campus.  Water was the second easiest given that I normally take quick showers and refrain from overusing faucet water.

Most goals are reasonable to maintain after this week, and these goals also improve other aspects of my life.  The new recycling bin in my room worked well, eating non-meat based meals is healthier, avoiding Slayter saves money, quick, cold showers wake me up and allow more sleeping time, and most products are unnecessary and contain detrimental chemicals.


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  1. I think its great how you see the benefits of your goals and plan to continue your reduced impact lifestyle beyond this past week

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