Though it hasn’t always been easy No Impact Week has been eye-opening and, in its own way, a little fun. Because of this project, I can keep my showers under ten minutes without even thinking about it. Before the project, I tried to compost in the dining halls as much as I could but now it’s become second nature. Most importantly, this project made me far more aware of the impacts I have on the environment in various aspects of my life and if I want to maintain the rest of my goals I know I will have to continue to be more conscious of my decisions. I really want to reduce my waste in terms of individually wrapped food items. That means I can no longer mindlessly grab a granola bar in the morning if I’m running late for class, even if it means setting my alarm twenty minutes earlier (gasp!) to get to the dining hall. Plugging all my electronics into a power strip was a quick fix to save energy and has had no impact on me after I did it so I have no reason not to keep up with it, all I have to do is turn it off when I leave which takes about .02 seconds of my day. My food goals may be some of the hardest ones to keep up with. I don’t eat much meat to begin with, but it was difficult to cut it out altogether. I think I am going to be more lenient and try to eat meat only every other day. The only goal I set for this project that I know I cannot keep up with is my “no coffee” goal. Coffee is my life’s blood (I wish I was kidding) and I don’t know why I did this to myself at such a critical point in the semester. Cutting coffee out of my life is a terrible decision if I want to continue, you know, functioning. However, for the sake of the environment (and probably my own health) I am going to try to cut back on my coffee intake.

All in all I’m really happy with the way No Impact Week went for me. It confirmed a lot of the things I thought I was already doing to help the environment as well as opened my eyes to new changes I can make. As corny as it sounds, I am going to REALLY try to use all of the things I’ve learned from No Impact Week to inform my future decisions so that maybe I can live a No Impact (well, less impact) Life.


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