Sunday- End of No Impact Week

Over the course of this week it surprised me at how easily I was able to accomplish most of my goals. I thought that making little impact would be a difficult thing to achieve but overall it was fairly easy. I did have to be conscious of all the waste I was creating and thinking about no impact most of the time but it did not consume my day. The most challenging goal of this week was my energy goal. I think this was the most challenging because I use energy for most everything I do. I use electricity for the majority of my day. Whether I’m on my computer, my phone, or just in my room with the lights on I felt like I was always wasting energy. The easiest goal for me was water use. I normally try not to waste water because it is something I have always been conscious of. Shortening my showers and my use of the faucet was not challenging and took little time out of my daily routine. The goals definitely got easier as I spent more days on them, I learned what worked the most in achieving my goals and what goals I needed to think about more because they were more challenging. After this week I think it is reasonable to maintain lessening my water use, eating foods that are easier on the environment, and producing less waste overall.



  1. It’s kind of funny how our most difficult and our easiest themes were the opposite! I considered water to be my most difficult, mostly because my habits are so bad with that theme. I love my long, hot showers! But I guess everyone can judge their energy usage differently. I think it’s great how you were very conscious about your energy usage and considered even using your laptop to be a waste of energy. I think that will really benefit you in how you decide to use energy from hereon out!

  2. I agree with you about electricity. I am on my phone for most of the day, so I could definitely become more conscious about how much I’m using it. Also, I agree with you that it will be reasonable to maintain lessening water use, eating more environmentally friendly foods, and producing less waste. Good Job.

  3. I definitely agree that throughout the week the goals got continuously easier. They just became my new habits and I was more aware of how to not impact the environment. Every day I continued to remember what my goals were and how to accomplish them.

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