Sussman – Final Entry

With no impact week coming to a close, I have decided that aside from all of the great specific lessons I learned about reducing my personal impact, the most significant lesson I have learned is that awareness is truly the key to change.  What I found most surprising throughout the week is how just by maintaining awareness of our themes most of them help themselves, I unconsciously make more sustainable decisions when I have the idea of reducing impact in the back of my mind.

I would still say that energy is the most difficult thing for me to reduce, but that is merely because it provides more to me more frequently than our other themes. Despite this being the most difficult, I was content with the fact that I was at least paying attention to the little details that help to reduce the damage of my inevitable energy use.

For me the easiest goal was definitely water consumption, because while using water I am acutely aware of the fact that I am wasting it, and because the average American uses far more water than they actually need to (myself included). I plan to continue my reduced water usage, but I will probably stop taking cold showers and instead just rush myself while using warm water.

I like the fact that we slowly built upon our goals throughout the week rather than starting everything at once. I feel that it would have been slightly confusing and overwhelming to do everything at once, and thus the experiment would have been less effective. I think that slowly building upon specific and easy goals is the best way for anyone to reduce their impact on the world.


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