The Beginning!

This may be the end of no impact week, but it is a beginning for me. I have learned how much of an impact I make on the environment without even noticing. I get carried away with my busy life and have not realized up until this week how much of a difference I could make. The amount of waste, water, food, energy, products and transportation gas that is being wasted and destroying the environment is awful. Each person can really make a difference by just realizing what a difference it makes to be more aware of how much we take for granted. The more aware we are of the impact we make every day on the environment, will hopefully encourage us to become more environmentally friendly.

I was surprised by how easy it can be to adjust my habits and to be on the look out for alternatives in order to have a less impact.  It was very difficult for me to avoid waste as I have many separately packaged granola bars and everything at a grocery store involves boxes and bags. At home I eat very healthy so food is easy when at home especially already being a vegetarian, except difficult with the low amount of organic and local options on campus. Throughout the week, I tried to procrastinate less on my laptop (Facebook and movies) to save energy. I will continue with this after this week. I think that it was easier to add all goals at once because than I just activate my brain to create as little impact as possible instead of just focusing on one specific goal.

Overall, it was a very eye opening week for me!



  1. I totally agree with your idea. At first, i also thought this week is very difficult, and I did not whether or not I can achieve all of my goals. But When we spend time to do it, most goals would become easier. For example, I reduce half time of my shower. I spent 10 minutes to take once shower, and many classmates gave suggestions about I should turn water off when I used shampoo and body wash.
    Right now, I can understand Professor Kaplan‘s ideas. He said we need to do. When we did it, we can find it not tough.
    This week is ending, but tomorrow is another day. This is a new begining of our impact week!!!!

  2. I was also surprised at how easy it was to change my habits. I’m happy that we had this week to finally realize what we can do to help the environment. I also experienced difficulty when trying to eat local and organic foods while relying on Curtis. This week really made me realize all the ways in which Denison could change in order to lessen its impact on the environment as well.

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