The End.

Saturday I realized how hard it is to have no impact at all to the environment, especially here where options are limited and you can’t have control over everything you do or have to do to avoid impact. However, on the other hand, living on this campus made some of the goals easier to achieve, such as transportation. If  I were back home food would have been a much easier goal to achieve as opposed to here however, back home I am much more dependent on transportation than I am here and probably would have used it a lot more. All in all, no impact week was harder than I imagined especially when it came to reducing impact related to waste, food, and products. It made me realize what I really need to work on in order to reduce my impact. No impact week also made me notice how much impact every one of us is causing everyday and even more, how many people do not even realize the impact they’re causing.

Throughout this week I also payed attention to the differences between people’s behavior and concern towards the environment. I observed some of my roommates and friends who had environmentally friendly behavior but were not really aware of the environmental impacts of such actions. I also observed those with no or less environmentally friendly behavior who said they were actually concerned about the environment  after I talked to them. I think this is very interesting regarding human behavior, and something that makes me feel very skeptical about the chances of saving the environment.

On the positive side, I think that on the long run it is reasonable and fairly simple for me to reduce water and energy consumption as well as reduce food based impact, especially once I live in an apartment, after I graduate, or whenever I’m home. Waste and products are and were the hardest goals for me to accomplish throughout the week. I know that I can greatly reduce my trash if I really work on it but only to a certain limit. Products were also hard for me because I was not able to go shopping for environmentally friendly products and because as I mentioned before, I am a cleaning freak. However,  after this project made me realize how much we consume and how much we impact, I am going to try to find environmentally friendly products, from shampoo to cleaning supplies.


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