1st Day

I did not struggle living up to my goals that I have made for No Impact week. During class when we were writing goals down I struggled to think of any since so far I think that I lead my life sustainably. My main concern was taking quick showers and turning off unused energy.

Prior to this week, I found myself doing things that I do not normally do. For instance consuming meat on campus. On campus I follow a vegetarian diet just because I am skeptical of the meat (I like to know personally where my meat comes from). I do not use or buy disposable water bottles since I use my reusable glass bottle, but I found myself buying one from slayter as part of my simply-to-go meal.

Now for my first day: So far I think I was doing a good job conserving energy. On campus I usually forget to unplug appliances that are not in use because I am in a rush all the time (at home I have no problem doing this). I usually leave my flat iron plugged in because it is easier for me to turn on and use in the morning. I do not unplug and if I do it is usually later on in the day if I remember. This morning I unplugged right after straightening. I also never turn off my power strip since it’s easier for me to plug in things since I am in a rush. So far I have done a better job turning off the strip when my technology is fully charged.

Besides my energy consumption I went about my day as I normally would. When I study I reuse the back side of used paper/handouts and recycle after I am done with it. I reuse my cotton pads when removing makeup by using the other side that has not been used. I also reuse my tissues by cutting the tissue in half. Lastly, if I do consume snacks I contribute it to our terracycle box we have in our room (thanks to my DSF roommate).

One progress I have made is taking less than 15 minute showers, which is a big step for me since I am used to taking 30-60 mins. My goal by the end of this week to take less than 10 min showers. I think I am doing well for the first day. Next day I hope to make my goals more challenging.

Sarah Ko

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  1. I enjoy how well you are doing on achieving your goals and being so “eco-conscious” if you will! I think the rest of the week will be challenging yet well worth it for you! Good luck 🙂

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