So, it is the first day of No Impact Week and I have already slipped up several times. I woke up feeling very optimistic and ready to take on No Impact living and all that jazz. I even had a good start – took a shorter shower, got ready without turning on the lights, and instead of using tissue paper, I just used my towel. However, it was a different story after I left my room. For some strange reason I thought this would be easy because I didn’t think I produced or consumed that much on a daily basis. Clearly, I was wrong. I have to make a constant effort to keep it on my consciousness and remind myself of my goals. One of my goals for this week was to avoid eating meat, which I thought would be simple enough. So, what did I  have for breakfast then? Eggs, more eggs, bacon, more bacon and potatoes. I completely forgot all about my goals and the environment, I was just so excited that I made it in time for breakfast!! Since then I have eaten a lot of chewing gum ( lots of wrappers) and my friend gave me some chocolate so more wrappers.  Further, I decided I wanted a pop tart, so I dug into my bag and found some that I had bought from Slayter a few weeks ago. The second I opened it, I realized what I was doing and immediately stopped. I am not supposed to be eating this! I feel so extremely guilty right now. Sheesh, and the day isn’t even over yet! So now to keep it on my mind I have written my goals down all over my hands and made a note in my phone that keeps popping up every few hours. Hopefully, I am more conscious and aware of what I am doing now.

Deepshri Mathur


  1. I like the idea of writing your goals down or just no impact week on your hand. I might be stealing that idea tomorrow if my day gets off to a rough start like today. It can only get better from here for all of us I hope.

  2. I’ve been having the same issues with my snacking and eating today – I keep forgetting! I am trying to become a vegetarian for the week.. I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult because I don’t consider myself a big meat eater.. but it’s the little things like chicken on my salad or the bacon in the baked potato soup that I keep forgetting about. I agree with Kinga that while Sodexo tries, it’s definitely not easy to be a vegetarian on campus when surrounding with so many meat options!

  3. The first day is probably the hardest….it is often a painful reminder of how much we consume! Just keep working at it!

  4. Deepshri, I totally agree! Sodexo does not make it easy to have a meal without meat. I’m starting to feel the pain of the vegetarians on campus.

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