Breaking Daily Routines

This class has made me realize that I have a very big problem: I have used way too many bottles of water. This might make the sustainability fellows and Doc cringe but almost every week or every other week  whilst I was in high school my father and I drank a  24-30 case of bottled water. He would send me to school with four bottles of water in my backpack every day, and when I got home (if I was at his house) I would drink probably another 2 or 3. So for a good portion of our 180 day school year I would have somewhere between 6-7 water bottles a day. At least we did recycle s, but i’m pretty sure there is some crazy piece of art or a giant low-grade carpet out there made using only the bottles from my dad and I.

So with that background you can see how it might be hard for me to break my daily routine of drinking out of water bottles. Luckily here at Denison I don’t have my dad buying me giant cases of water which has decreased my plastic use significantly along with the influence to be green here at Denison. I realize I have a problem haha and that is  the first step.

My usual routine this semester, on Monday Wednesday and Friday, is to wake up, skip breakfast, not shower, brush my teeth, rush to  my 930. Where there is 40% chance I will nod off at one point and embarrassingly wake up knowing people were staring at me along with the teacher, go to my  1030 and then my 1130. Then I have a break until my 230 class to get lunch. Sometimes  I eat at Curtis  but most times I get meal to go and this is where i relapse and use the water bottles usually and all sorts of non-recyclable plastic packaging, like chip bags and sandwich wrappers and fruit cups, but today however, being no impact week, was different.

Today I did the normal rushing to class and almost nodding off but catching myself in time, but when lunch rolled around I said no thank you meal to go, and ate a healthy balanced diet of fruit, water ( in a cup), two sandwiches,  some chicken from the grill and some uncooked vegetables and rice from the stir fry.

So today i didn’t succumb to laziness nor my habit and didn’t use a single water bottle all day, I am about to take my first shower of the day, and I really should since practice ended at 9ish… and that this is also the first time i’ve been on my computer all day. Hopefully this trend of lessening my impact will continue not just for the rest of the week, but throughout my life.

Ryan Smith

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  1. We need to get you a reusable water bottle Ryan! It will cut your outrageous plastic consumption of water bottles! I am proud of your efforts to get off the “Hedonic treadmill” of the day!

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