Okay, so I caved, but I think my rationale was reasonable.  I found “Alfie’s” a brand, spanking new restaurant that opened downtown (right across from the library) when I went to pay my water bill.  I had heard that they served healthy food, but was pleasantly surprised by their vegan and local options when I walked in!  I really like supporting local small businesses, so when he told me they served one-line coffee (the same coffee that is roasted by river road), I thought I found a way out of my dilemma.  I also walked back home to pick up some containers to have them fill with hummus and salad.  So, not only am I trying to eat as local and meat-less as possible, but I am also supporting a small local business that just opened.  I also didn’t have any waste from my trip and I talked with the owner for a while, which I feel helps to build community.  So all in all, I think the pros of the exchange outweigh the cons of the coffee bean.

A couple of other things have crossed my mind today, both dealing with media.  I usually watch the news or check my email/news websites during lunch.  Today, I did neither and felt how weird it was not to rush to media…instead I had to sit in silence with my own thoughts.  I wonder if this is an odd phenomenon for many in a day and age in which we are constantly sharing our thoughts with others via text, email, facebook or twitter.  Do we ever sit alone with our own thoughts anymore?  I also found out that I am missing a serious piece of sad news (re: Boston Marathon).  I watch/read a lot of news throughout the day, so I’m feeling a bit isolated right now….but maybe this will force me to talk to others face to face as I seek more info.


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  1. I discovered Alfie’s last weekend but it was closed. Can’t wait to use no impact week as an excuse to WALK down and check it out.

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