Day 1.

rounding hour 13 of no impact day number one and i think i am doing a pretty good job. over the weekend i discussed the project with all my friends and was eager to see how realistic my goals were, where i will fail and where i will succeed. almost all my friends were very interested in this project, although they think i’m an enviro freak at times they decided without me asking to follow a few of my goals for the week.

i started the day without a shower and without turning on a single light. instead i opened the blinds and that provided just enough lights for me to get ready. I successfully ate no meat all day and tried to eat as much raw and unprocessed food as possible. One of my food goals was to only eat in curtis to reduce packaging and unfortunately a friend was in town and we all went out to dinner. Out of habit one of my friends said she would go get the car but because one of my goals was to only walk around campus and into town i suggested it was such a nice night out that we should walk. so we did and i was happy about that.

Of course if you’re in town for dinner it is a given that you’re going to get whit’s after so i did but instead of getting it in a cup and having to use a plastic spoon i got it in a cone and ate the whole thing so no waste.

On to energy consumption, i charged up my phone and computer last night and unplugged all my devices for the day. I made it to 9 pm until my phone died and i currently have 2 hours and 40 minutes left on my computer. Another one of my goals was only working out outside so i went on a run today and really enjoyed the fresh air.

For water consumption i took a 5 minute shower.

Because this is the first day of no impact week, i felt it was constantly on my mind all day and it made me notice the little things that can contribute to huge amounts of waste or energy consumption. For example after washing my hands out of habit i just grab a paper towel to dry my hands, but after using it for a few seconds and throwing it into the trash i realized how much i didn’t need to use that one paper towel.

Lots to think about for day 2!

Francesca Gentile

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