Day 1

This is not as easy as I thought it would be. I found my self doing everything I told myself not to do. My shower was 13 minutes this morning, instead of under 10. I bought a new pack of gum! And all of this was before my 8:30. Needless to say it wouldn’t be as easy as mindlessly going through my day. Luckily I had remembered my Powerade water bottle, so I was able to fill it up in the water fountains instead of buying a water bottle, so I felt good about that. At least I got ready without the lights this morning.

After all of my classes were over I walked to Curtis, and got stir fry, which is what I always get. There is noway that the produce is local so I had a very plain stir fry bowl. When I went to get a drink I out of habit got a cup full of coke, my normal lunch time drink. I made it all the way back to my table before I realised that milk and water are the only things I had permitted myself to drinking in class today. So after begging someone else to drink it, so that I was at least not wasting the coke, I filled up bottle with water. I only used one napkin , so I felt better than the other people at my table. One person somehow used 7 napkins!

And if I hadn’t failed enough already for the day, at 7:20 I had to drive all the way out to Newark (which isn’t actually that far) because I had promised to go with my friend to see “The Croods” weeks back.

Tomorrow is going to need much improvement from me!

Ashley Yearwood


  1. I had some of the same issues as you did. I had some small rappers that I didn’t realize I had acquired until I was already done. I also took a shower that was longer than I had planned. But I also used a plastic water bottle so that was good. Also I am sure you will have an easier remembering only to drink milk and water instead of getting pop after you became aware of it today but good job producing minimal waste at lunch.

  2. I should also make a goal of using 1 or 2 napkins! It’s difficult especially when I am a clumsy person.

  3. No Ashley! Not the gum! But I am glad you used one napkin. Hopefully others at your table learn to do the same because even though napkins are compostable they take a while to do so!

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