Day 1: A few struggles, but things are looking up…

Today is the day we embark on the No Impact journey.  Unfortunately, I am not off to the best start.  As I mentioned in my comment to Oliver’s post from last night, I neglected to unplug my fan that I keep running each day (and night).  I know what some of you are thinking:  Why, Whitney, do you think it is necessary to keep a fan going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  I can answer that, but it may not be the most compelling answer and it may not satisfy some of you.  I like the noise of the fan in the room and I also keep it on for air circulation.  A specific smell tends to lurk through the halls of Crawford, so in tandem with keeping the window open, I like to keep the fan on, in order to circulate the air and avoid the ‘interesting’ stench from seeping into my room.

I would say that I am a relatively environmentally conscious person, but I guess my Day 1 of No Impact Week did not show my consciousness.  In addition to leaving my fan on when I left this morning for class, I used a napkin at breakfast and paper towels (3 to be exact) when I washed my hands this morning.  And for some reason, it did not occur to me that I was using an absurd amount of paper towels until I threw the 3 paper towels in the trash and left the restroom.  While I did not write this on my goal sheet, this week I will make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of that type of paper I use (i.e. napkins, paper towels).  I guess I will have to start using those loud hand dryers!  Since my breakfast napkin and three-too-many paper towel mishaps, I am now taking advantage of the handkerchief Dr. Aguilar made for some of us and I have used it for lunch and for drying my hands today.

When I head to practice this afternoon, I will remember to unplug my fan and suggest to my teammates that we head to Curtis instead of Slayter for dinner, in hopes of avoiding the paper and plastic products that accompany Meal X.  Although Day 1 started out rough, I am looking to turn things around and heighten my awareness of my goals and what “No Impact” actually means. I need to remember my goals!! -Whitney

Whitney Powel


  1. I also had to do a little bit of pushing tonight to get my friends to join me in Curtis. Now that there are only two food options on campus… Many people go to Curtis for lunch then Slayter for Meal X. It breaks up the eating schedule a little and for those of us who live on East Quad, Slayter is closer. It took a little pushing but I won the battle today by explaining No Impact Week and just how much trash we generate eating in Slayter. I’m hoping they’ll continue to cave in to dinners in Curtis but we’ll see..

  2. Napkins used to be my biggest struggle. I really found out how messy I am. I have already spilled twice today. Normally I would use a paper towel…but luckily (learning from experience) I have a cloth towel from Trader Joe’s that works really well!

  3. I completely understand the fan thing – I sleep so much better with the white noise. Unfortunately (or this case fortunately), my fan broke a few months ago and I haven’t bought a new one yet.

  4. You probably know about this but just fyi: napkins from the dining hall can be recycled/composted ! Thanks for sharing your goals and ambitions, they are quite inspiring.
    I don’t know what others would think about the running fan, but from your stated situation I can see why you need it on. Good luck!

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