Day 1 – Not too bad…

So far, I think i’ve been pretty successful in staying on track with my goals, except for showering, trying to stay off of my computer, and being in rooms that are using artificial light. I had planned on taking a shower for about 5 minutes, but instead ended up showering for 10 minutes, although that only happened since I played on the IM fields after dinner and avoided showering this morning in order to rush to class; I think I may just shower once a day now, either after exercising or in the morning, instead of taking two a day and wasting precious water. I also ended up charging my computer today, which I had hoped to avoid, but this was because I was on it for most of the day in order to schedule my classes for next semester, since registration is tomorrow night. In addition, I spent a lot of time inside, but that is due to classes and scheduling classes for tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be better though, as I plan on taking a shower for 5 minutes or less, and plan on only working in the library, where the computers are always plugged in, allowing me to not have to charge my computer again.

Besides charging my computer and showering for twice as long as I wished, I don’t think I’ve failed anything else. For my meals today, I did not go to Slayter at all, and I had no meat at breakfast and lunch, mainly because I no longer eat pork or beef, which are the only meats available in the morning, and because I did not feel like waiting in line with such a large group of people at lunch, which included current and prospective students, meaning more people than normal. However, during dinner I caved, as I ate chicken with my stir fry, which is a usual habit and I had completely forgot about trying to not eat meat during any meals, if possible. I also forgot my water bottle at dinner, which I usually carry around with me, although I was able to keep to the plan of only drinking water or milk at meals.

In addition to my meals, I have been pretty successful, as I did not drive any where, nor did I buy anything, despite wanting to order a Haiti sticker online, since I am going there this May to work with building a well and delivering water to a village in the northern part of the country. I was also able to not use any lights in my room for very long, since I was gone from my room for most of the day and I usually do not keep the lights on when I leave. I am also attempting to use a water cup for brushing my teeth, shaving, etc., which I noticed Colin Beavan and his wife used, since it allows me to not have to use faucet water and I have a lot of plastic cups in room that I tend to use. I have also tried to not use paper towels, but instead use a towel or handkerchief when possible.

Tomorrow I hope to try to eat no meat, take shorter showers (5 minutes), not have to charge my computer, and only use my water bottle. I also plan on unplugging some stuff in my room, which I have not done yet, including my clock, which is going to be hard since I rely on both my phone and my clock as alarms and as a resource to charge my phone. In addition I hope to spend less time in my room, allowing me to use less artificial lights, and to convince my roommate to not use his box fan anymore, which may be difficult since it may start to heat up outside and it gets pretty hot in my room, although I always keep the window in my room open. The only main problem coming up for me is laundry, since I have a lot of clothes to wash, and I know that there aren’t any available resources at Denison to wash my clothes.

Sam Wallace

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  1. I am having the same issue with laundry… I have a pile of clothes, sheets, and towels in my laundry basket at the moment, but I am not excited to do laundry during No Impact Week! On my goal sheet, I planned to hand wash some clothes (to consolidate my laundry and only use the water for one load rather than two) and hang dry clothes that I usually do not hang dry. However, as you point out, Sam, there is not the available space or resources at Denison to do so. So far this week, I have brought some of my clothes from my own laundry basket and brought it down to Mitchel to throw it on my athletic laundry loop so that it can be washed with all of my teammates dirty laundry. I feel a little better about doing this than doing a load (or two!) of laundry in my dorm that requires gallons of extra water, so hopefully this method will sustain me throughout this No Impact Week!

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