Day 1: So far, so good…

Today is day one of our very own No Impact Project following Colin Beavan’s positive example in his book.  So far, I feel like I have been doing alright.  The main issue I noticed last week while diligently recording all of my impacts in the consumption diary was how many devices I had plugged in my room between my roommate and I (14 to be exact).  On top of that, these 14 devices were plugged in all day everyday.  Of course, the first thing to do as part of my No Impact Project was to take care of this problem.  I looked around my room today, unplugging all machines and devices that were not currently in use and had no reason to be plugged in like the TV, laptop and phone chargers, printer, etc.  I did my best to only leave the necessities like my alarm clock and refrigerator plugged in overnight and during the day.  I also encouraged my roommate to do the same with his devices to reduce our collective electricity consumption from our room (it is still a work in progress convincing him).  Other than that, I ate at the Curtis dining hall for lunch and dinner in order to reduce my plastic waste from all the food wrappers at Slayter.  It was a big deal for me because Monday is when I am normally rushing around and have to grab Slayter Meal-X as a quick “to-go” option so I can eat on the run.  I also reduced my shower time as best I could by a few minutes this morning, like many other people in class are trying to do.  Of course, I’m sure I could improve more.  In all, I am just keeping my goals on me at all times and doing what I can to follow them, while gradually breaking my usual weekly routine, and making a transition to the No Impact lifestyle for the week.  It should be challenging, but fun!

Alexander Sterdjevich

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  1. good idea to keep your goals with you! Also, I am just now finishing dinner and it is 9:30…NI week actually increases the time of a lot of our activities (except for showers)! More about this on Wed.

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