Day 1

Wow! First off I wake up on this fine Monday Morning with all my lights on since my roommate had the audasity to forget to turn them off last night.  It was not a good start to this week. One of my goals was to eliminate plastic bottles this week and I decided to purchase a reusable bottle of water at the Denison bookstore (great purchase).

For lunch I ate at Curtis and did my best with composting my fruit. I woke up sick as a dog with a bad running nose thanks to my allergies. Thanks to Professor Aguilar I decided to cut back on the tissues and use a handkerchief. It is really gross and might have to stop using it or get another since it was falling apart.

Two times today there was at least five or more kids relaxing and watching television in my room with all the lights on and charging their phones. I told them, “Lights off, phones can be charged tonight. It is no impact week.” They laughed at me thinking I was kidding. But I wasn’t.

All in all, not a bad day so far. Could definitly improve tomorrow.

Pat Foley


  1. It makes me so happy you have finally come around and purchased a reusable water bottle, honestly great decision. Although bottled water can be convenient, you’re really just paying for probably less regulated tap water to be put into a plastic water bottle that consumes a lot of energy to be produced and transported to your hand.

  2. That is too bad to hear that the lights were left on all night, although I think I would have rather done that than stub my toe trying to find the only working light! And good job getting a reusable bottle! I need to use mine too.

  3. I don’t know why…but this made me chuckle. How are you going to stop people from consuming so much in your room?! Also, you could always walk to ELMS if you really need pizza.

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